The universe of "Stained with Magic" is filled with a large variety of characters, each with their own story to tell.

Ryota Fukuda Image

Fukuda Ryota

“The greatest wisdom lies in the shadows.”
Age: 19 / Nationality: Japanese / Blood Type: A
Skills: Quick-Learner

Attending his first year in university, Ryota is a calm, introspective individual who trusts his intellect above all else. Extremely analytical, he prefers studying the inner workings of human nature rather than immersing himself in society. Possessing an independent and self-reliant nature, his thirst for knowledge is insatiable. By chance, he becomes involved in the search for the Whispering Shadow and is consequently thrust into the world of the occult by Sophie.

Sophie Belleamie Image

Sophie Belleamie

“The passion in our hearts is eternal.”
Age: 22 / Nationality: French / Blood Type: B
Skills: Creationism Magic via Daggers

Victims of the devastating Euro Zone War, Sophie's family escaped a ravaged France. Retreating to family in Snowy Russia, where her developing lethality drew the attention of her Uncle. Sophie spent months wandering the countryside with her uncle, her personality hardening as the chaos of war engulfed the continent. After one too many illegal jobs, Sophie was eventually picked up by the Russian Orthodox Church as an unpredictable agent.
Sophie is a combat and magical prodigy, excelling in Creationism while displaying advanced martial proficiency. However, despite her ruthless professionalism, Sophie exhibits a surprising playfulness to her friends.

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Alexa Sanders Image

Alexa Sanders

“The chains of the past will always bind us.”
Age: 19 / Nationality: Australian / Blood Type:AB
Skills: Pistol Training; Light Hacking Skills; Stealth

In the midst of the Euro Zone War, Alexa was abandoned by her family as they desperately fled across the continent. Taken in by the Silent Workers, she was quickly put to work as they began to train children, molding them into espionage agents of the future.
The subsequent years of psychological torture and physical abuse wore on Alexa, and she is now nothing more than a shell of the person she once was. Distrustful of everyone and embittered at the callousness of humanity, she currently follows the Silent Workers in quiet servitude.

The Listener Image

The Listener

“The will of men is easily broken.”
Age: 30s / Nationality: Japanese / Blood Type: 0
Skills: Low Hacking Skills; Sword Training; Deduction

Cold, ruthless, calculating—the Listener is the embodiment of the Silent Worker ideal. And for those who brave the underworld of Tokyo, he has come to be the manifestation of fear. With a keen intellect and unmatched strategic prowess, the Listener rose quickly in the Silent Worker ranks, swiftly becoming one of the syndicate’s most trusted lieutenants. Having been delegated substantial authority, the Listener has become an invaluable asset, and the Silent Workers have become a formidable force under his cruel leadership. However, his true talents lie in the realm of information gathering, and horrifying stories of his sadistic treatment of captives have unnerved even his closest allies.

Character image of Mori Tadou

Mori Tadou

“The future is bright, but the past is brighter.”
Age: 19 / Nationality: Japanese / Blood Type: B
Skills: Medium Hacking Skills, Historian

A close friend of Ryota’s, Tadou is a self-proclaimed otaku with a deep interest in visual novels and history. Despite his inherent intelligence, Tadou prefers a life of leisure and neglects his studies, choosing instead to spend time out with his friends or playing video games.

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Kiyoshi Sarah Character Image

Kiyoshi Sarah

“A guiding hand is a precious gift.”
Age: 40 / Nationality: English / Blood Type: A
Skills: Rune Magic via Stones/Rifle/Javis

The wife of the missing Kiyoshi Satoru, Sarah was one of the top magi-hunters of her generation. In the wake of Satoru's disappearance, Sarah has focused on raising her two daughters Amaya and Suki. Sarah's motherly kindness and relaxed personality in no way imply diminishing skill, as she continues to remain one of the most powerful mages in Tokyo and greater Japan.

Kiyoshi Amaya character image

Kiyoshi Amaya

“Mankind will always condemn that which it cannot understand.”
Age: 20 / Nationality: Japanese-English / Blood Type: O
Skills: Rune Magic via Boxing

Like her younger sister Suki, Amaya is good friends with Ryota and a member of the famous Kiyoshi family. Noted as a talented and bright individual, Amaya is adept at rune casting and has extensively researched her father's studies concerning the human mind.
Calm and calculating, Amaya's cold demeanor is impenetrable except for the few individuals she chooses to let into her heart.

Kiyoshi Suki

“The chains of the past will always bind us.”
Age: 18 / Nationality: Japanese-English / Blood Type: B
Skills: Shadow Magic via Claw Device/Muru

Like her older sister Amaya, Suki is a magus of the renowned Kiyoshi family. She ardently researches the noxious art of shadow magic, hoping to hone her skills to aid in the search of her missing father.
Though easily flustered and temperamental, Suki cares deeply for her friends and will always support those closest to her.

The Whispering Shadow Image

The Whispering Shadow

“If humankind if crafted in God’s image, then the Shadow is truly the reflection of hell.”
Age: ? / Nationality: ? / Blood Type: ?
Skills: Shadow Magic; Mind Domination Magic

A being of unmatched power and devastating magical proficiency, the Whispering Shadow has come to be feared by all. With its identity concealed, the only true knowledge the world has on this strange creature is that is an adept practitioner of a dark, unknown magic. Leaving a wake of destruction and chaos across the world, the Shadow has recently come to Tokyo, though the reasons for its arrival in the city are a mystery to all.

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