The Doghouse Again Chapter Four

Chapter Four

      For some, downness doesn't signify depression, futility, sadness, stagnation. Seemingly, fortunes figure downness frees doers seeking such freedom, soothes fickle suggestion, disregards simple figments deemed sudden scarcity, so dryly filled.

      Some don't despair downness.



Handa Student Arrested in Copyright Claim Case

Could face work service or nine-figure fines

by Ichigo Connor, Nagoya Juniper-Midship        Updated: 12 December 2035, 11:33

Handa, Aichi -- A student from the Aichi city of Handa has been arrested by members of Tokyo Metropolitan Police for charges of illegally distributing over six billion yen worth of copyrighted material owned by up to sixty different entities.

      Minna Yuchi, 24, was taken into custody at his father's suburban apartment Wednesday morning. According to a police representative, he was compliant and went with the officers under his own accord. He faces several hundred thousand counts of infringement and could be sentenced to twenty years work service and a fine of up to 500-million yen.

    The content included music, images, movies, audio, and t-shirts, according to police and online sources.

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      All companies with ownership of the illegally-distributed content are based in Tokyo. The Tokyo police officers on the scene, working with the local precinct, said they were responding to a complaint lodged by several attorneys affiliated with the various injured parties.

     The representatives, filing charges jointly, are saying they were recently informed of the vast amount of property being found in private servers, exchange apps, online videos, and even "torrents", the once-widespread file-sharing programs.

      Twenty of the complainant companies are owned in-part or in-full by The Sei Group, Inc., which made news last week for purchasing the nearby Soy Sumi soy sauce production plant.

      "It's our stuff," Sei Group representative Yoshida Hisei said in a press conference from a corporate office in Minato, Tokyo.

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Divid.V is the official video hosting site of the New Tokyo City Committee for Civic Benefit

New Private Message from Divid.V

Subject field: Video Transcription Request - Unavailable

Dated: 12 December 2035

User reirei-gocats25,

The video for which you are requesting a transcription has been taken down due to a copyright claim by Victors-Independents-Nonconformists-Dancers LTD.

Please refer to the list of similar videos on the right side of this message for your further viewing pleasure.

We apologize for any trouble this may have caused. For questions, please refer to our User Services Limbo Page.

Please keep watching!




Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Baishou Kazutoki

From: Rokuda Rei


Sent Date/Time: 12 December 2035    12:29

Sent you an email because I assume you worked the latenight yesterday. Good morning, if you did.

You'll be happy to know Yemming (Little-Known Factz, the "so high pitched" videomaker you "hate") had all his videos removed from Divid. Why? Because there was probably a second or two of copyrighted content in them and since who cares about real people.

Say what you will but I could tell he worked hard on them, or at least tried to work hard on them. He posted more than 200 videos and now they're all...poof.

Now I almost guarantee he won't even get back to me in regards to the gangs and stuff. And...for the record I sent him a message even before I talked to you about it.

But if he sent me something I was going to link that shit so fast, with the subject saying "HA" or "Guess what?!" or something like that.

Okay. Thanks for letting me vent about it. The "Bucket Reports" have all been quiet for the week but I'm sure you know that.

Redfred played pretty well last night, I'll admit. Almost screwed themselves with that sub late in the fourth game. Never sub when it's the last time change! So maybe all those wishes of yours are being answered now, LOL.

-- Rei



Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

From: Baishou Kazutoki (re: DAMMIT DIVID)

Sent Date/Time: 12 December 2035    16:55

Yeah, g'morning. But. Fuck copyright claims, I hate those more than I hated him. Also but...

There's probably a few thousand dorks out there that probably work just as hard and might even do it better. I guess maybe your free minutes and viewership could be, you know, "transferred" over to them.

But that sort of reminds me that during work yesterday I ended up on some pages about the Slavic gods mentioned in Yammy Yimyoms/I Don't Care's video about Urovi. Yeah, make jokes. But I can't exactly take out the real figurative shovel when I'm clocked-in, can I?

I guess this godly stuff is sort of cool, or could be cool, I don't know. Would-be cool. People might still believe in it...and there are a few independent accounts of the forbidden "Victory in Peace" enclaves in Ukraine. But not all of them were for Veles, the god of the underworld. In fact there is equal evidence that Perun, the shared mythological Slavic god of thunder, was the intended recipient on that day.

The story comes from an unusual storm that took place that afternoon in southern Ukraine (2% chance of such weather) and due to the weather, the planned energy weapon assault had to be halted, which allowed for history to occur as it did.

And actually, the most interesting theory I've heard is there were two different groups working prayed to Veles and one prayed to Perun, figuring they would both answer the call. The Lightning Guy evidently despised Veles the Viper (for stealing his cows) and would, according to the myth, throw a bunch of lightning bolts at him since they'd both be around and servicing prayers that day.

So the idea was that if they both showed themselves, the two enemies could either a) Work together to provide protection or b) Cause so much mayhem that the e-weapon would misfire, anyway.

No, just because one of those things did happen doesn't mean I think some people kneeling and talking in unison caused it. A storm hit, if you remember from a few paragraphs ago.

In short, I know the Buckets haven't made the news lately. What do you take me for? Some asshole sitting on his tablet all day checking aggregate sites? Fuck you.

Love, Baikun



From: Rokuda Rei (re: DAMMIT DIVID - 3)

Sent Date/Time: 12 December 2035    21:29

Sorry, Baikun. You're the best find-stuff-out-for-his-friends friend I know! Though you're right about the videos in that I'll probably get over it soon. Like real soon. In fact, maybe this will lead to...someone better?! I guess I'm just afraid of new videomakers, as so many of them are so fucking desperate and fake it's...not as amusing.

And yet he's still the only person who's said anything about the T-gangs and E-zone veterans as far as I can tell. Now all I have is the transcript file. Yeah, yeah...I'm just trying to help.

Not very interesting about the paganism. Is it paganism? I haven't checked that out yet. Nor have I clicked the link. What do you take me for? Some ladyrectum who clicks every link sent to her? Fuck you!

Respect, Rei-rei



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Baishou Kazutoki: gotta go rei

Baishou Kazutoki: bosses are watching

Baishou Kazutoki: but I gotta stay logged in

- - - Baishou Kazutoki has left the chat. - - -

Rokuda Rei: Check your email tonight, Baikun. Please.

- - - You ended the text chat at 22:57. - - -



Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Baishou Kazutoki

From: Rokuda Rei

Subject: Something else.

Sent Date/Time: 12 December 2035    22:59

Probably nothing. Right? I really need to go to bed now.



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