The Doghouse Again Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders! Hey whats up

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders.

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders

Baishou Kazutoki: SANDERS


- - - Alexa S. has signed out. - - -


Baishou Kazutoki: Ah fuck you signed out.

Baishou Kazutoki: Alright here

Baishou Kazutoki: dog-sleeping.png


- - - Mary B. Curt has invited you to a voice chat. - - -

- - - You have declined the voice chat invitation from Mary B. Curt. - - -

- - - Mary B. Curt has accepted your invitation to a text chat. - - -

Mary B. Curt: Jesus Christ

Mary B. Curt: It wasn't for the dog I'd be on my way to reporting you!

Mary B. Curt: I SHOULD report you!

Baishou Kazutoki: Hey Sanders!

Mary B. Curt: <<<<<< I'm not Sanders this is why I wanted to do voice you idiot

Baishou Kazutoki: Well uh

Baishou Kazutoki: i like text better

Baishou Kazutoki: and with text we can always claim somebody else is using our accounts

Baishou Kazutoki: and its easier to block, too

Baishou Kazutoki: oh no

Baishou Kazutoki: i hope this guy doesnt notice i am using his limbo account and up to no good by chatting with this girl who is also not Sanders

Mary B. Curt: Hahaha okay right

Mary B. Curt: I stole her password like she wanted me to have it!

Mary B. Curt: anyways what could you want it's like 1 in the morning

Baishou Kazutoki: Uh so I was talking to this girl right

Mary B. Curt: Er…

Mary B. Curt: I'm not going to help you with that.

Baishou Kazutoki: Uh. I was talking to this girl right and like she knows some guy that works at your dayjerb if you know what I'm saying

Mary B. Curt: okay so?

Baishou Kazutoki: He looked you up

Baishou Kazutoki: Knows you're 17 and might be askin questions so lookout

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders you still there?

Mary B. Curt: Ya I'm here

Baishou Kazutoki: You okay?

Mary B. Curt: Ya

Baishou Kazutoki: I'm just letting you know. It's happened before just make sure you give him a good story if he asks

Mary B. Curt: Think I know who it is, too.

Mary B. Curt: Met him last week Monday but we didn't talk until today. Do you know his name?

Baishou Kazutoki: yeah I'll just send you what he sent her

- - You sent file 'limbopreserve_237844834623-78344-86457.htxt'  - -

Mary B. Curt: They sent it over Limbo?

Mary B. Curt: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah damn it man I'm screwed

Mary B. Curt: Just had to be now, didn't it???

Mary B. Curt: He's going to be so PISSED AT ME

Baishou Kazutoki: Hey wait

Baishou Kazutoki: Hold on

Baishou Kazutoki: >dont worry about it

Baishou Kazutoki: well worry about it enough to take care of it

Baishou Kazutoki: maybe RMK can just get you a new one

Mary B. Curt: That won't stand out too much…

Mary B. Curt: Guy thinks it's weird this 17 year old is working there and suddenly BAM she's gone? Yeah no

Mary B. Curt: What am I gonna do, Nabaka?

Baishou Kazutoki: Probably just…

Baishou Kazutoki: dog-fence.png

Mary B. Curt: aaawwwwwwwwww

Mary B. Curt: You bleeding wanker! Here I am freaking the hell out after just getting out of bed and I got the morning shift and you're sending me pictures that look SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE GANSEKI!

Mary B. Curt: I need to try and sleep sorry

Baishou Kazutoki: You'll be alright, yeah. Let me know if I can help but I don't think I can. aside from this.

Mary B. Curt: Thanks man who hacked into Nabaka's account

Baishou Kazutoki: dog-sleeping-fence.png

Mary B. Curt: (would send a picture of a thumbs up or a smileyface but is too lazy let me go to bed)

Baishou Kazutoki: Nite Sanders

Mary B. Curt: <<< still not Sanders

- - - Mary B. Curt has signed out. - - -



Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Manchester Yashima

From: Rokuda Rei

Subject: So I guess there's more

Sent Date/Time: 11 December 2035 08:33

Hey Chester,

Maybe it was just a result of too many videos and too much fucking ale last night for my own good (another one of those days. Poor Elly. But I am a lucky gal).

But for some reason the deal with having an underaged secretary seems really odd to me. Why would they risk getting caught with someone who should be a student?

Even if she's a dropout, the penalties they dish out for employing them are really harsh. I remember one of the depts here had a kid (foreigner, even) down in the kitchen (just washing dishes) and they got fined 50,000,000 yen. Just for having him work when he wasn't in school.

So I looked it up.

According to the child employment laws (post-Scheme/2032) there is no clearance for anyone that young to be working during a school day (even if they're homeschooled or don't go to class any more)...

There was even a case over at a ramen stall in Shinjuku where they shut the place down because the owner of the shop had his son working during the lunch hour!

It's something about keeping education at the top or something. Wasn't like that when we were kids.

Maybe you should let Human Resources know about that girl. You might get a nice little reward out of it so nobody gets that 100-ton weight of a penalty dropped on their ass.

I just feel bad for her, I guess. Must suck having to work when you're so young.

I also feel like I need to find that soda packet or get me another box…

-- Rei-rei


From: Manchester Yashima (re: So I guess there's more)

Sent Date/Time: 11 December 2035 08:49

Ehh I don't feel like getting the gal in trouble, either. Just thought it was weird.

Don't you go looking into that cultish bullshit today. Before I forget to say that. It'll just make you sicker.

And whatever you do don't think about a sumo champion vomiting in a backed-up toilet and then getting  greased-up and doused with flour. And try not to imagine a roadkilled rabbit wrapped its own spine and then being fried in coconut oil. Or candy liquor.

Your clear-headed friend,



From: Rokuda Rei (re: So I guess there's more - 3)

Sent Date/Time: 11 December 2035 12:08

Well, asshole, since yours truly is NOT ONE TO BE IMPOSED BY NOBODY I am staying in for lunch and it has nothing to do with this goddamn hang-over, which even validates using a hyphen.

Aside from that six-pack of McLaughlin's, what I did last night was check on that other thing from the video with the European nature-gods, which involves the Technogangs.

The videomaker said that some ex-soldiers couldn't get jobs after they came back so they either joined the gangs or went down south to, like, Malaysia. There was this report about one of them running a security company.

Want to see it? Screw it I'll just link it to you. I think it's a little odd, but I'm not that worried about nightwatchmen as I am about those kids with all the cyberparts in Tama.

But fuck if this hang-over isn't a reality, shit.

Best of luck explaining to your everyday assistant how he got one-upped by a one-day replacement yesterday. And a foreigner one at that. Notice how I'm leaving out a certain detail.

And fuck you for implying I'm not currently and contentedly taken, asshole, just because nobody nurses your sick-all-throughout-the-morning-ass.

-- Rei-rei



Philippine Authorities Cite Private Security in Racketeering Raid

Company headed by Japanese Expatriate

by Ono Paulina                       Updated: 27 October 2035, 16:11

Manila, Philippines -- Authorities in the Philippine capital ended their months-long investigation into a racketeering and firearms smuggling ring late Friday night, implicating a small security company headed by a former Tokyo resident.

Freedom Security and Domestic Defense, LLC., has been tied to several local claims of strong-arming, illegal gambling, and possible tampering of state evidence in addition to the primary charges, according to a statement by Manila police. The company is Filipino-owned, but most of its top operational management hail from Japan. Its website says it offers "Rates and experienced services to put you above your opponents."

Why settle for a lager with no taste and no glass? McLaughlin's is now available in half-liter cans!

"Seeing as this is a pending police investigation," the company said in a statement issued Saturday morning on Limbo, "We will not be commenting on the matter until such baseless libel is put to rest."

The company also stressed the charges have yet to be officially brought and their employees were "simply doing the job allowed to them under the full scope of the law" and that "the police don't have any such basis for this crap."

Among those taken into custody Friday were Chang Daisuke (of the Chang family of successful ramen shop owners in Chofu, Tokyo) and former Can You Break It Off?! (Thursdays 8:00 p.m., NTRE) finalist Ozakara Sho, originally from Minato, Tokyo. Both men served in the Japanese Marines during the Eurozone War.

Officials at New Tokyo Reality Entertainment declined comment.

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- - - You have been invited to a text chat by Baishou Kazutoki - - -

- - - You have accepted the invitation to a text chat. - - -

Rokuda Rei: Sorry Baikun

Rokuda Rei: Working

Rokuda Rei: Hit me up later?

Baishou Kazutoki: okay

- - - The text chat was ended by Baishou Kazutoki at 13:41 - - -

- - - Baishou Kazutoki has signed out. - - -



From: Manchester Yashima (re: So I guess there's more - 4)

Sent Date/Time: 11 December 2035 13:44


Never said you weren't. It sort of cheeses me the wrong way to hear you think I'd do anything to suggest you weren't "contentedly" anything.

Unless you want to be my tagalong (actually, shit, you can bring Elly if she's not at work) for the Pitbull Pub, don't link me no news from October. I got NCC for a reason.

Your friend,




- - - Baishou Kazutoki has accepted your invitation to a text chat. - - -

Rokuda Rei: So can you do it?

Baishou Kazutoki: I need to know a little more.

Baishou Kazutoki: Where did you say you heard about the vets and stuff being with the Buckets?

Rokuda Rei: Uh, hold on.

- - - You sent file 'VideoTranscriptForBaikun.htxt' - - -

Baishou Kazutoki: okay i'll be looking at that and i'll let you know if i can go from there

Rokuda Rei: Hey Baikun

Baishou Kazutoki: yeah roku

Baishou Kazutoki: chan

Baishou Kazutoki: by the way no charge because I'm guessing I wont find much if anything

Rokuda Rei: I believe in you

Baishou Kazutoki: oh my god

Baishou Kazutoki: this dude is so high pitched and excited

Baishou Kazutoki: i hate it and also him

Rokuda Rei: LOL I guess I just like the stuff he brings up in the videos is all

Baishou Kazutoki: so im going to go unless you have more info for me aside from this chump

Baishou Kazutoki: his teeth are so goddamn white

Rokuda Rei: Uh, maybe this

Rokuda Rei: - Limbolink: Osaka SunNet News: Philippine Authorities Cite Private... (news) -

Baishou Kazutoki: that isnt about the technogangs at all did you copypaste the wrong tab?

Rokuda Rei: No

Rokuda Rei: Since he also said some of the soldiers were given positions in other countries I figured that sort of proves he's not making everything up

Rokuda Rei: And it's even crime-based, too!

Baishou Kazutoki: you might as well have linked me a story about the e-africa cup

Baishou Kazutoki: which team redfred is gonna win btw

Rokuda Rei: Yeah whatever.

Rokuda Rei: Just trying to help because you're helping me!

Rokuda Rei: And Redfred sucks.

Baishou Kazutoki: shit it's almost 7

Baishou Kazutoki: I'll check you later, Rei

Baishou Kazutoki: but it's not going to be with full hands and a gallery of their personal photos

Rokuda Rei: Thanks, Baikun. Go kick some ass!

- - - Baishou Kazutoki has signed out. - - -

Rokuda Rei: Oh hey I forgot to end this. But no matter! As I would've just ended up sending this to you later

Rokuda Rei: Will this assist you in any way?

Rokuda Rei: - Limbolink: Posts by Ukichi Urumi -



Limbopost: from Limbo! note posting service

 Title: Is it just me...?

by: Ukichi Urumi

Post Date/Time: 09 December 2035 23:56 

Okay so I don't know what else to do right now except for post what I came across here for everyone to see.

I know it's just going to sound like I'm making shit up or I have some issues to deal with or that I'm making a mountain out of a mound but I need to talk to someone about this.

So I like living here but I might have to find somewhere new. Because I'll give up being close to the soccer matches if it means being around this shit. Why?

Where to begin?

Has anyone ever felt like things are just a little too good? Like that things around here should be much harder, since we're such a small country in terms of size. The world around us would crumble if a few things changed in only a couple places. A few cities. A few neighborhoods.

Even after the war's over for eight years. That's what I think now.

I go to this ramen shop all the time because it's right down the street from me called Fullest Stomach's Ramen & Relaxation. Which is where I was going to meet my friends tonight... who I will not tag in this post for obvious reasons soon. Normal enough of a night for me at the start, just getting a soda before they showed up.

But then I hear people yelling.

In the back of the restaurant. And not like the usual cook-to-cook stuff, too, because I'd be able to recognize that in a second.

It sounded like they were fighting. Like smackdown kick fighting. It sounded like a madhouse back there. Lots of swearing and some stuff that didn't make sense to me.

Then a gunshot.

I and the other person in the restaurant at the time, an older lady, both jumped up and crouched below the counter until the yelling continued again. I was shaking pretty bad but could make out this:

"He's not going to like this."

And then I think the reply, from another voice, was "Fuck them if they're listening." I couldn't quite make out that last part.

The owner of the shop comes out and tells us the police are on the way. No injuries, thankfully, but it had to be reported. They took down my statement but it was probably just family problems that got out of hand.

Or so I thought.

When I got home I had a hard time falling asleep. I wasn't sure if I should make a post here or not. Then I decided to go outside for some fresh air on the balcony and I find this:


It was stuck to the outside window with tape. I live on the eighth floor of the building.

But what do the numbers mean? I told myself to just go to bed but it was impossible. I don't know if I can even stay here. A few friends get off work soon that I asked to stay with tonight.

In the meantime, I called the cops and told them everything. They took down some notes and said to call them if anything seemed odd. They took the napkin.

I'm just going to post this and see if it happened to anyone else as of recently. If it has: please, message me or the TMP immediately.


Until next time.