The Doghouse Again Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Baishou Kazutoki: why did you send that? a fucking limbo post, rei? that doesn't help at all and I didnt even read it that closely. not exactly credible or useful in any way

Rokuda Rei: He lives next to the soccer stadium...which must be the one in Chofu...the west side, where the Technogangs are!

Rokuda Rei: And did you notice what and where it happened? A ramen shop in Chofu like those owned by that Chang guy who got arrested in Manila.

Rokuda Rei: Remember, from the article I sent you? So this could be something that links them both...unemployed veterans to Technogangs!

Rokuda Rei: It's also strange that they sent him a message the kid couldn't even decipher. "kO4FwPXdkR8"?

Rokuda Rei: I have a feeling they did that so he'd post it on Limbo and somebody in the gang would see it and pass it along. It's like a way of sending a message without them communicating directly!

Baishou Kazutoki: you're digging pretty loose there. And I thought you said the buckets don't use guns

Rokuda Rei: Who else would be messing around in a ramen shop? Maybe it was the owner's shotgun and they came looking for the month's protection money. The scuffle broke out and they took off before the cops made it there.

Rokuda Rei: Then they wanted to scare the kid to keep his mouth shut and put out that code at the same time. This could be why the cops haven't really been able to track them down! They're too, indirect messages, muscling.

Rokuda Rei: But the number confuses me.

Baishou Kazutoki: rei i think youre connecting an orange to lemon tree but it's all pretty damn fruity and sour

Rokuda Rei: The cipher could be anything. But it's nearly familiar, isn't it? Like I recognize it somehow, somewhere, some...sometime!

Rokuda Rei: This is sort of irrelevant, but do you remember before Limbo and Divid there was a different place to post videos? It used to have random strings like that for something, I think. God damn, I forgot the name.

Rokuda Rei: Do you remember, Baikun?

Baishou Kazutoki: i dont. it doesnt matter because divid and limbo are all people use now

Rokuda Rei: There's a few others around but I don't think they're pre-war, even.

Baishou Kazutoki: theres always a few others

Baishou Kazutoki: and they dont last long

Baishou Kazutoki: you should get some sleep tonight, rei-chan. youre starting to babble and i'm sure you'll wake up and see this and think to yourself

Baishou Kazutoki: wow. kazutoki was totally right. i sound like i'm tired and could use a nice bath to get my head straight

Rokuda Rei: I don't really appreciate that…

Rokuda Rei: My head feels great compared to about fourteen hours ago

Baishou Kazutoki: must be nice to have someone to wake up with and then wonder just how mad they are at you

Rokuda Rei: Eh, I've done worse. She made me a nice cup of tea this morning so I couldn't have fucked up too badly

Baishou Kazutoki: i would like to do some real work on this now, rei. unless you want to tell me that the soccer teams are all using illegal knees again

Rokuda Rei: Shut up, Baikun.

Rokuda Rei: Not all of us can navigate secrets like an owl in the woods

Baishou Kazutoki: this grass might not have too many mice

Baishou Kazutoki: i'll go find out if there's anything beyond guessing

Baishou Kazutoki: get some sleep. seriously

- - - Baishou Kazutoki has signed out. - - -

Rokuda Rei: I'm only going to say thank you with kindness because you're doing me a favor

Rokuda Rei: But otherwise I'd call you a

Rokuda Rei: Good friend.

Rokuda Rei: And good night.

- - - You ended the text chat at 21:33 - - -




- - - You have invited Alexa S. to a text chat. - - -

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- - - You have invited Mary B. Curt to a text chat. - - -

- - - Mary B. Curt has accepted your invitation to a text chat. - - -

Mary B. Curt: I don't know you

Baishou Kazutoki: thats probably not really that true

Mary B. Curt: I'm just waiting for one of them to find this. You're going to be in so much shit but I'll be able to say I was just leading you into a trap

Baishou Kazutoki: uh

Baishou Kazutoki: don't send it to them and we should be fine

Baishou Kazutoki: this is untouchable

Baishou Kazutoki: and deniable

Baishou Kazutoki: so it's like

Baishou Kazutoki: Sanders what would that be like?

Mary B. Curt: I wouldn't know.

Baishou Kazutoki: i need a number for someone in chofu

Baishou Kazutoki: can i stop by tonight?

Mary B. Curt: Chofu? Why there? I don't know why you'd be doing anything in those parts and can't you just find it from your place?

Baishou Kazutoki: look, i'll make it up to you. can i stop by?

Mary B. Curt: Are you off?

Baishou Kazutoki: Off enough

Mary B. Curt: Nabaka!

Baishou Kazutoki: YES, jeez. we'll just say this is work-related if anyone asks and as far as you know it it really is

Mary B. Curt: Fine.

Baishou Kazutoki: Thanks Sanders.

- - - You ended the text chat at 21:37 - - -