The Doghouse Again Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

- - - You have invited Baishou Kazutoki to a text chat. - - -

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Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Baishou Kazutoki

From: Rokuda Rei

Subject: Baikun you should look at this

Sent Date/Time: 14 December 2035    00:05

Baikun I just saw that Urumi dude post something on Limbo about seeing the same letters over and over again, and he's obviously not in his right mind, but he deleted the post after a minute. It was kind of weird... isn't it?

If he wanted attention he wouldn't have done that so soon.

I still had it open in another tab and I copied the text once I realized he took it down. I will send it to you now.

Whether or not it's the Technogangs I don't know what else to do with it.

Attachments: UU-note-for-baikun.htxt



Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Elly Pendlebrook

From: Rokuda Rei

Subject: I know you said no emails at work

Sent Date/Time: 14 December 2035    08:27


I really have to break the rule now, sorry I have to do it when you have the double-split. Hey. How are you doing? Must be getting tired by now. Get some more tea, fast!

Something kind of fucked up happened last night, after you went back from your first break. I'm fine, but I don't know. I just could really use you here right now.

I'll see you when you get off because I'm going home at noon. Just cleared it, by taking a half-sick day... We'll stream something so you can fall asleep to the sounds of whatever crappy show we overpaid for, your choice!

But for today, for the first time in a while, work will not get in our way. Love you.

-- Rei



- - - You have invited Tokyo Metropolitan Police Tip Line to a text chat. - - -

- - - Tokyo Metropolitan Police Tip Line has accepted your invitation to a text chat. - - -

Officer Oh Iritake: Thank you for contacting the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Tip Line.

Officer Oh Iritake: My name is Oh Iritake. If you'd like make this tip anonymously, please sign out and select "Browse Mode" at the Limbo log-in screen.

Officer Oh Iritake: May I get your name please?

Rokuda Rei: Rokuda Rei.

Officer Oh Iritake: What is the nature of your tip today, Ms. Rokuda?

Rokuda Rei: Organized crime, I think. Can I get sent to someone in that department, please?

Officer Oh Iritake: Please know that TMP will save all records and false claims may be punishable in civil and criminal court.

Officer Oh Iritake: One moment please.

- - - Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu has entered the chat. - - -

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Hello there, Ms. Rokuda. Did the desk sergeant say if you try pranking us that we'll come arrest you?

Rokuda Rei: Yes.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Good.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Do you have something for us?

Rokuda Rei: Not sure if this means anything but can I send a file?

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Can't you just link it?

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: I'll brb.

Rokuda Rei: I can't link it because the person who made the post took it down right away.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Back.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Okay we'll just have to scan it and if we find anything bad, we can use it as evidence, just so you're aware of that.

Rokuda Rei: Okay.

- - - You sent file 'UU-note-for-baikun.htxt. - - -

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: So what is it? Whoever it is, they're not exactly a poet.

Rokuda Rei: That's the text of a deleted Limbo post.

Rokuda Rei: He deleted it right after he put it up, too. That's why I can't link it. I found him because he posted something about overhearing a fight and a gunshot in a ramen store over in Chofu last weekend.

Rokuda Rei: Then he posted about it on Limbo and had a picture of this napkin somebody left in his apartment. He said he called the police about it. The ramen shop he went to is called "Fullest Stomach's".

Rokuda Rei: Should I keep going?

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: If you can quicken it up a little. I'm working on other stuff right now along with you, for your information.

Rokuda Rei: All right. He won't even respond to my requests to contact him. Nor has he posted anything else since the first one.

Rokuda Rei: I don't have any evidence of the first one aside from the fact I linked it and now it's not on his page.

Rokuda Rei: And what he said about "FSDD" got me wondering if "Fullest Stomach's" has anything to do with it. "FS". What kind of a name is that?

Rokuda Rei: Like maybe it's owned by the Technogangs or something and that's the way they establish their place, with the names. Then this.

Rokuda Rei:  - LimbolinkOsaka SunNet News: Philippine Authorities Cite Private... (news) -

Rokuda Rei: "Freedom Security and Domestic Defense". FSDD. They even mention ramen shops. So if it's true the Technogangs are involved with Eurozone veterans, it seems they might even be involved overseas.

Rokuda Rei: But mostly I came here because if that kid figured out what "FSDD" meant, maybe somebody paid him a visit to keep him quiet.

Rokuda Rei: Even the person who told me about the veteran/t-gang thing got all his videos taken down. Though it may not be related to this at all.

Rokuda Rei: It might be nothing but I'm not trying to waste your time, sir.

Rokuda Rei: To me it just seems like a lot of coincidences for them to be really coincidental.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Where are you right now, Ms. Rokuda?

Rokuda Rei: At work. Shinjuku.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Do you live there, too?

Rokuda Rei: No.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: Has this Ukichi Urumi contacted you at all?

Rokuda Rei: No. He hasn't responded to my messages. I guess whatever he's going through really isn't my business, either.

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: The only thing I can say is we'll try to keep this in mind. But it's not really that substantial at the same time. Are you concerned for your own safety in any way?

Rokuda Rei: No.

Rokuda Rei: I have a friend who helps me with that, online security matters. He's really good at it, so if anything, I'll just ask him if I need any help.

Rokuda Rei: I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm not in any trouble, am I?

Assistant Inspector Geiichi Lu: We're not exactly too busy at the moment. Is there anything else?

Rokuda Rei: Sorry.

- - - You ended the text chat at 10:54. - - -

- - - Rokuda Rei has signed out. - - -



From: Baishou Kazutoki (re: Baikun you should look at this)

Sent Date/Time: 15 December 2035    00:57

Rei, I've looked into it and the kid's not afraid of anything real. From what a few of his Limbo friends told me (and yeah, I established contact with them), he has been struggling with school since transferring to EComm U over in Chofu.

They also said he's got gambling problems, mostly soccer games. So maybe he figured somebody would bite and pay for "his train ticket out" if he made the "trouble" look "real". Remember how he said a few "friends" were going to let him stay the night?

He probably didn't even call anybody about it. Ironically he's an electronic fraud management major.

Don't worry, this only took me like twenty minutes and a few well-directed questions.

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I just spent literally all day doing a few extra things for my boss. You know how it is.

I hope you're resting well, bud.