The Doghouse Again Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Preview: Kenzen Corp to Use New Spiders for Cyberaugmentation Research

by Hara Jinkashura, Biotech Correspondant    Updated: 11 December 2035, 15:22

Minato, Tokyo -- Researchers at Kenzen Corp's Biological Enhancement and Mechanical Replacement Center will be turning to a new source model for their bio- and robotic products: a new species of spider discovered early last year.

      But unlike the ageless chemical blueprints taken from those creeping crawlers' unbreakable webbing, the Kenzen technicians have been looking closely at the legs. More specifically, at all eight of them for their ability to adhere to most every surface.

      The new species, Tegenaria Domudesolatio (colloquially called "the loner house spider"), is believed to be a cross-bred mutation of the more common house spiders found in nearly every area of the world. Known for its leopard coloring and odd habit of only occupying vacant apartments, arachnologists working in Shanghai were the first to make the discovery when it became clear the spider was not a variation of an existing variety.

      More will be included in the full story, published this upcoming Saturday.

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Limbomail: from Limbo! message sending service

To: Baishou Kazutoki

From: Rokuda Rei

Subject: Bugs

Sent Date/Time: 13 December 2035    08:16

I almost sent you something last night. In fact I don't even remember if I did or not. I wrote it down, but maybe "send" was never pressed.

Here's the issue. The Ukichi kid deleted the Limbo post he made, when he was freaking out and showed that napkin picture. Either that means the TMP told him it was interfering with their investigation or he took it down because it was all a joke.

Or maybe he's scared.

For some reason now I can't shake it, Baikun, that the kid is being kept quiet... Call it stupid reaching or whatever, but I can't stop fucking thinking about the fact he's published over a thousand notes and would just stop or miss one on this particular week.

But it's just the one thing and I know it's nothing.

This morning I found a spider in the corner of our kitchen. Wasn't incredibly big, but it was large enough to catch and stare at for a few minutes as the thing tried to figure out its artificial surroundings of a glass mug.

It didn't seem to be frightened or defensive. Maybe it just wanted to know what was really going on.

There is just something naturally fascinating about spiders. I can't prevent myself from being physically weary or shaky around them, even if I know they're docile and not poisonous, if they'd even bite me.

Did you know I wanted to study bugs when I was in high school? I would just say "entomologist" but it's more about one person concentrating on a single type rather than working with "all insects/arachnids/others".

Not sure what I would've ended up with had I took it up, officially. I tended to like ones with wings. Makes me wonder.

If you want to stop looking for this stuff now, you can. Maybe that would convince me to do the same.

Eventually I let the spider go outside.

-- Rei


From: Baishou Kazutoki (re: Bugs)

Sent Date/Time: 13 December 2035    17:43

That'd explain a lot, Rei, if the kid was just joking or looking for attention, or both. It could've been one of those stupid games with fake webpages and stuff.

But I haven't seen one of those since...before Limbo...

So during my fuckin' "by-the-rules BOSSES BE AROUND YA" night of work I found a little time during my break to check out more about gods and deities from out west and such.

Did you know in Slavic mythology they also had a god who is the deity of drinking and there's a recurring thing about putting booze in a ramhorn? And sometimes grandfatherly ghosts infest their houses?

You probably didn't!

My point is if one interest (namely an interest in the Buckets) doesn't work out, there are always more out there. Just like videomakers.

I'm sorry your Bucket-based predilection wasn't enough to come up with anything, bud. But sometimes our realities are exactly what they seem like.


From: Rokuda Rei (re: Bugs - 3)

Sent Date/Time: 13 December 203518:01

Yeah, you're right. I didn't know that stuff about ramhorn gods. Nor did I give a shit.

And you're right about wanting to find stuff from (somewhat) organized criminals, too. I should leave that up to the authorities, shouldn't I? They're paid to do that. I'm not paid to do that.

Fuck my job, by the way, but it seems like everyone says that.

I'm gonna take it easy now. Thanks again for humoring my whims, Baikun.

-- Rei



To: Rokuda Rei

From: Manchester Yashima

Subject: It gets worse

Sent Date/Time: 13 December 203519:22


What a shitty fuckin day! But I have literally the next three months of unpaid overtime (ah...the pleasures of salary...FUCK ME) to be thinkin about it.

You remember that girl from Monday?

Right before 5 I get this message that Superstore Relations is being charged and responsible for "hosting and providing non-educational occupation to a child" by New Tokyo Scheme regulations!

Now I have to get all this legal shit in order, contest the fine, prove we weren't involved... and it's going to take many long nights, pal. I'll be livin on this floor until the real 2036 is here. Even if we get the charge dropped I have to make up for these extra expenses, too.

That'll fuck up the budget for serious. It's a huge caput on any bonus prospects.


It don't make any sense to me that girl just shows up for one fuckin day and suddenly all the rules are bein cited and, yeah, that 1,000,000,000-kg fine is bein dropped...that's for fuckin sure. I really don't want to end up accusin you of nothin either because I don't know how they could've known unless somebody squealed and nobody in SR would do somethin to cause them this many weekends at this place.

Your now-overstressed friend,