Interesting Indie Titles: Our Personal Space

As evident by the title, this blog posts shares my thoughts on other indie visual novel projects out there. The first of many such blog posts in fact. Every one or two weeks, I will express my thoughts on a title that has captured my interest*. First up, is the project know as 'Our Personal Space.'

First the synopsis,

Newlyweds Jack and Kelly have come to colonize the Earth-like planet of Talaam, along with two hundred other brave pioneers. Jack comes from a long line of farmers; Kelly doesn't know the difference between wheat and weeds. Jack won't let anything dampen his enthusiasm for the exciting and unknown; Kelly considers herself more of a realist and knows it won't be that easy. But both of them decided to leave Earth behind and work towards a future together on this new an unknown planet.

They thought their love would be strong enough to hold them together no matter how difficult the circumstances. But love on its own can't regrow failed crops, repair broken equipment, or dig cellars. Love doesn't make one immune from wild creatures, diseases, or depression. When these stresses threaten to overcome the love they started with, Jack and Kelly's choices will affect not only their marriage, but the survival of entire colony on Talaam.

And then the game's features,

>  Control Kelly's fate by deciding her work schedule, hobbies, and time with Jack

>  Interactive dialogue lets the reader decide Kelly's attitude and approach to every event, as well as major decisions such as having a baby

99,000 words of dialogue spread between 4 different jobs, 7 different hobbies, and 3 endings allow for a variety of playing styles and different play-through(s)

A community of interrelated NPCs with their own motivations, families, and stories

>  Well-researched science fiction setting that blends modern technology and old-fashioned frontier techniques

This title has promise due to its premise of playing as colonist on a new hostile planet. Not many games have ventured into this territory. The pledge of having a large amount of choice during game-play is attention-grabbing. On the developers part, I hope a great deal of these choices are remarkable and meaningful. I trust it's nothing like, 'Read a book or Make some dinner.' I'm not interested in playing The Sims in space.

Though, this will all come depend on their capable script writers. The small fragments the developers have been feeding it's audience have been decent enough. Well-researched science fiction, a community of interrelated NPCs, old-fashioned frontier techniques. A winning combination in the hands of a capable writer. I want the beta to be released already!

The final note to remark on is the art. The developers have gone with 2D sprite-photography approach. It's diverse and cost-cutting, and appears to work well enough in the provided screen-shots. Again, I will have to play the beta/game to have a better idea.

The project is fast approaching the beta stage, and with final plans to release the title for free under an open source license. For more information, click the following link - Our Personal Space

Please give the team any support they need.

I will revisit the title when the beta/game is finally released. Also, the next title I chose has a demo available. So the blog post will be more in-depth.

In terms of Stained with Magic, the prologue is still projected to be released next month. We are presently waiting for some final work from our character artist. The website is also expected to go through a small amount of upgrades early next month.

See you next week.


*These blog posts will be posted on my personal blog website. When website construction has finished.