What! More progress to report?

"Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it." - Jane McGonigal


Today's update is another run-down on our progress thus far. Currently, the focus has been coding the remaining scenes into the game. Which are the climax scenes!

The surprise for this week has been pushed back to next week. Apologies, it isn't quite ready yet.

     - Main Game Script: 100% (Minor corrections in process)
     - Tutorial/Codex Script: 100% (Minor corrections in process)
     - Character Art Assets: 100%
     - BG Art Assets: 80% (Currently on-hold)
     - Misc/GUI Art Assets: 90%
     - Music: 95%
     - Audio: 90%
     - Programming: 85%

Thank you to those who have been patient with progress. The wait will be worth it!