What the Future May Hold...

"Listen to me - if I get in trouble down there, you make every shot count. Yeah?" - Joel, The Last of Us


While the world becomes crazier and crazier. Brexit plans almost pointlessly wrecking economies, more shootings in America, tiresome slow election poll countings in Australia, and so on. No matter what, always good to see society continue with life being what it wants to be. Always keeping a smile, not letting the world tear itself apart.

Alas, another apology for the slow update. As you may know, I'm currently in Japan doing some work, but mainly enjoying a month long holiday.


Since release, as stated previously, Stained with Magic has seen a number of downloads. Before we updated to the new bug fixed smaller build, and despite a mishap with collecting statistical data. Roughly 200 downloads were achieved during the original release. And with the new smaller build, another rough count of 210 downloads was achieved. Reaching a rough count of 410 downloads. Not a bad effort for a small indie game with a tiny amount or next to none PR exposure. Interestingly, we have also learnt which servers to favour when releasing games. Sorry Google Drive, you're not very popular.

I also quickly wanted to touch upon a major lesson learnt when making Stained with Magic. After a few quick chats with members of our small team. The main conclusion we came upon was that plans and schedules are very important to keep to. But when making a game in your spare time, always expect life to get in the way. The very reason we have delayed over and over again. We didn't plan carefully enough for unexpected developments. Don't make the same mistake.


On a side-note, I've been playing around with Live2D (along with experimenting with different game engines). The Stained with Magic cast looks really good when they are all animated up. Especially, when presented in a new game engine environment. Will share the final results with you all in the next update.

During my stay in Japan, I have been visiting locations featured in the game. While also scouting new locations for the next game. There will be more on this in the next update as well.