Usability testing

Sorey: It's cool how we trust Rose as a friend.

Mikleo: Rose is missing.

Sorey: QUICK AFTER HER. - Tales of Zestiria


Here we are again for another update. Content is brief this week, but we shall push forward with or without another wasted second.

Beta testing is still underway. This week I have started some hands-on/on-hand beta testing evaluation. Think of a grumpy designer, standing behind a player, jotting everything down on a tablet or notepad, and that's about it.



Thus, I wanted to quickly chat about this method of testing. My preferred method of testing, as shown in the above cartoon, is the process which can be considered the hands-on approach. The designer is present within the same room as the tester. But we designers do have to withhold any input until testing is finished, even if the tester is doing literally everything wrong! Thus the grumpy designer behind the clueless tester.

Why do I love this method? The real-time effect the testing has. I can immediately see what the tester thinks, see what's wrong or even gain some new ideas from what the tester does.

Though, I may sometimes break the golden rule of total silence and speak to the tester. 'Break the game here, please!' Only thing I'll say.

Plus, this method also gives me the option to question the tester right away, when everything is still fresh in their minds.

That will be all for this week.