Updates and Writer Introductions

 "Working as a game designer is like the mouse on your computer; some days it clicks and some days it drags," - Alan Emrich


From today onwards, blog posts and news updates will resume on the website. Thank you to those who have been following us on our Twitter and Facebook outlets for news.

The production team are currently running towards a beta for Volume One in May. Or at least run into the wall trying to achieve that goal. (I hope we avoid that, that would hurt.....)

Bad joke done with, if you have been following any of our social outlets, then this old news to you. The production team have recently welcomed a new writer to the team. The new lead writer, Thankthebear, has taken on the role of King of scripts. A highly active, and diligent member. They have been doing a great job thus far. Be sure to give them support, like you have with the rest of the team.


Some minor updates before I sign off. Firstly, the 'about page' for the website has been updated with a new faq. Useful for when you have questions.

Secondly, the Hikage Studios website is expected to come back online with massive updates in the near future.