Update 2017/01/05 - Takeda Yoko

"He walks the floor, careful to touch each stone only once, counting. He cannot purge his mind of the thoughts." - The Heart, Dishonored


A new year, more challenges. Firstly, a new character to reveal. Despite many characters still being in the concept art phase. I wish to push forward with bi-weekly character reveals for now on. I introduce Takeda Yoko!

Takeda Yoko

Yoko is considered to be an oddball who likes to have fun whenever possible. Despite her sickly body, gained from overexertion in practice of her magi craft. She continues to push herself to new heights, holding onto her wish for magi society to be more open to the public world. Making some allusive friends along the way……

The above character is concept art, and only reflects the final product to a limited extent.


Come January 20, I will taking part in the Global Game Jam again. There’s something about teaming up with randoms to make a game within 24 hours. Gets the creative juices going. I will try my best to document the experience and share via Hikage Studios and my other outlets during or after the event.

I implore any game developer to get on board. Sign up for a location close to you! - http://globalgamejam.org/

Hurry, I hear tickets are selling fast!

Apologies for the missing comic. Due to time constraints, it wasn’t finished in time. The comic featuring Yoko may be included in the next update.