Survival and a Minor Bug Fix

"Endure and survive" - Joel, The Last of Us


Stained with Magic has been out for roughly 19 days, and we have seen some success.

After checking the data collected from statistics and word of mouth, we have witnessed a number of downloads. For a small project, we are doing mighty fine thus far. The next blog post will cover the numbers in more detail.

A pat on the back may be in order as it inspires us more to produce the intended sequel. But before that, lots of PR work is needed. We might even go through the process to release the game for free on Steam.

Today, a smaller version of the game has been released, easing the pain for those with slower download rates, Also, corrections have been made to the very few reported image corruption problems.

Download Banner

Download the demo via the links below in .zip format.

(Please note the game includes explicit language and violence.)

w Mac Download Link Linux Download Link

File hosted on Dropbox

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The next game dev blog post will be from the land of the rising sun in about two to three weeks. See you then.