Stained with Magic Released!

"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." - Shigeru Miyamoto


Thirty-first, we have finally arrived at you. Stained with Magic is now available to the people. After such a long journey, we have reached our destination. Be it players find the game to be awesome or just plain bad, or somewhere in the middle, we still want to share this little project with you all.

Release Day!



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Fukuda Ryota is a somewhat normal university student living in the Tokyo metropolis in the year 2036. Despite his efforts to pursue a low-energy lifestyle, encounters with the elusive foreigner Sophie Belleamie and a terrifying being known as the Whispering Shadow propel his mundane life into the modern battle of magic versus science. Join Ryota's old and new friends in an adventure of self-discovery, judgement, and bloody murder. Will he be able to survive with the help of those around him?


Download the demo via the links below in .zip format.

(Please note the game includes explicit language and violence.)

Windows Download Link Mac Download Link Linux Download Link Download All Link

File hosted on dropbox 

Windows Download Link Mac Download Link Linux Download Link All Versions Download Link

 File hosted on Google Drive