Stained with Magic Flow-Chart Released

Hank: This is just the beginning. - Swiss Army Man



As mentioned before, a flow-chart/walkthrough for game one has been released! Click the image below to download.

Note first, please play the game at least once before using the flow-chart. If you haven't already.

Second, debate sections are not covered. Players should figure them out on their own. Third, remember this is a basic guide, only meant to show how to reach certain scenes.

More to story-structure, the flow-chart does exhibit the game's linear structure. A fault or not depending on your preferences. Thus, one aspect of the second game, (nearing finishing the design doc), choices will become more likely to take ou to new stories within the story itself. Branching out into multiple stories a lot more fluently. Freedom of choice will be a major goal.

Next time, new concepts and Mandatory Happiness.