Second Playtest

"It's not at all important to get it right the first time. It's vitally important to get it right the last time." - Andrew Hunt and David Thomas (on programming)


     This week marked the release of our second in-studio development build. Containing game content reaching part way into chapter two. Importantly, the build features many additions based on results from our previous play-testing. Giving us an opportunity to see what works and what, well, doesn't. We hope to see very positive results during this round of play-testing, much like our previous playtest sessions.


     For this development build, as the programmer, I made a number of small (and large) changes to the code itself. One curious feature added was a backlog component. A device often used in visual novels to allow players to check any of the dialogs they may have missed. Curious, as ren'py doesn't have this component built in already. Thus, I had to learn some new coding techniques to get one to work. 

     More to my point. I often offer myself as a programmer for free, for small emerging projects. As an effort to encourage other devs to learn the basics of coding. Referencing the quote above, one will rarely get the code completely right on the first go. If I was going to pass some knowledge along, this would be my crucial piece of advice. 


     Next week, a status report will be given on development goals and outcomes of our play-testing will be posted. Alas, thank you for reading this rather dry article.