New Month, New Game!

"The World doesn't care about right or wrong. It's all about power. And right now, none of us have it." - Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Today marks the official start of development for the next chapter of Stained with Magic. Forwards on, the game will now be produced in Unity using UTAGE. A wonderful editor extension/plugin for Unity. Introduced to me by a passerby in Tokyo, and ever since, I have enjoyed my time experimenting with visual novels in Unity. Moving to an environment I'm comfortable in, with added new challenges for development will make tasks fun again for me.

(You can refer to previous updates for other reasons for the move to Unity.)


Before anyway asks, the first few chapters will be remade in Unity at a later date. Before that, a flowchart/walkthrough for the first game will be out shortly. A number of months later, and a few requests, one has been put into production.

Next update, development screenshots, and chatting...