Mistakes, Beta, and Answers

"People can say what they like about you, but you're a good man. More people should say that. And someone should be willing to defend it." - Captain Flint, Black Sails


Today, we will be covering three points. A slight error we have overlooked regarding our website, the introduction of our beta, and to answer a fan's question.

In our webmaster Kuro's words:

"This can't be true.... It is so embarrassing.... however it happened. The contacts page of the Stained with Magic site had a missing field, probably the most important one.... the Email Address field. Well.... let's just say it was a bug.... not a forgotten bit of code by someone on the team >.>"

Sadly, we have made that stupid mistake. The email field was left missing for too long. But to no worry, the mistake has been corrected. Head over to Hikage Studios for more on this and other updates concerning the team.


Sometimes one can only acknowledge their mistakes, however, small they are.

One important question was caught up in the contact forum mix-up. And, here, we shall answer it.

The question came from a follower named/nicknamed Inky:

Hello! I recently just discovered your game and let me just say, it's beautiful! (>ノ*゜▽゜*) will the full game be released commercially?

And the answer comes from us:

The game will be released for free. We wish to release our storytelling to many people as possible without too many obstacles restricting our path. Thank you, Inky, for the feedback and kind words.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who contacts us or has contacted us, and keep an eye say it was about for the upcoming beta. No message will go unanswered. At least, we will try.

That was an excellent opportunity to announce the news, too.


Now to something big, the open/close beta will begin sometime. We are looking for people to put their hand up to join us at this stage of game design, the one where a few people play the somewhat finished version of the game being designed. Contact us, and we'll contact you.

Either way, a strong participation is desired and we hope to meet some enlightened minds.

Probably the question I might be asking myself is why a small indie game released for free needs beta testing. I guess with something somewhat multifaceted like this, we'd like to not go from development to publishing in a single swoop, because we could easily have missed something with our few months of checking it ourselves and quadruple-checking.

I don't think we expect hundreds of people to be interested in our game, either, so it's not a matter of keeping everything under wraps of guarding company secrets like the plot details of a J. J. Abrams film.

But with my experience, finding problems and fixing them only allows for more problems to be discovered and remedied.

Next fortnight, will have the promised fan-art, which I promised for this blog post and the one before it.

Thank you for putting up with us for another week - and we hope to hear from you soon.