Inactivity + undersized FAQs?

As I write this post, Hikage Studio members have become incredibly busy with work outside of the studio. University and job commitments have made October a exceptionally demanding month indeed. But, don't misunderstand, the project is still in production.

To clear confusion, I have gone ahead and made a short FAQ about the studio. To help comprehend the project and how the studio runs.

Who are Hikage Studios?

  A group of talented people of varying skills, who love to working on visual novel projects. As a further note, our members are located across the globe. Each member has a different set of skills, languages and backgrounds. But our love for visual novels has brought has together.

Do you work full time on projects?

  Currently the team works on projects during their spare time. They give a lot of their time to the project, but outside business may call us away. Our members can be busy with university or full-time jobs.

Am I free to contact you with any questions?

  We are always looking to connect with other developers or interested parties. Please feel free to shoot us any questions.

Will Stained with Magic be your first release?

  The Stained with Magic project will be our first major release.

Any idea when Stained with Magic will be released?

  Early 2015

What about a demo?

  Early December 2014 is our expected release date for the demo.

Do you intend to release smaller future projects?

  We do have the intention, and have discussed such topics in the past.