A fine day for the Witcher...

[Upon discovering a vampire sleeping in a sarcophagus]

Professor: "Bloede glewynn!" [Bloody Hell!]

Geralt: "Vampire. Probably regenerates here."

Vampire: 'Just five more minutes... Is it 1358 yet?"

Geralt: "No..."

Vampire: "Then fuck off." - Witcher III, The Wild Hunt


Hello to all, and those after. Other than some brief discussion about the beta and what our final tasks are, this post contains some major news. Specifically, the release date! Skip past the beta discussion or read on through to find out.

As spoken of in the last update, what we found during the beta was very useful to us, receiving a mix of praise and criticism. While I would have preferred to receive more criticism, the praise is still good to have. As Terra, our composer, said, the praise must mean we are doing something right.

When it came to the core of the story, players found it to be top notch and intriguing to follow. While on the other hand, some optional gameplay elements were brought into question. Example: our mini-game, 'Tokyo Treasure Hunt', was found to be a little weird at first, with a few players saying we should do more with it. Investigation mechanics in another game, maybe? Anyhow, knowledge like that does help.

For bugs, not many to be found. Colour issues with the UI, a bug within the credits, a forgotten line. Easy fixes, nothing majorly troubling to worry about.

Personally, my favourite comment was about the character design choices we made. Different characters appealed to different people, with their motives and personality quirks being believable as the story developed. Great to see as a designer, and I'm sure our writer feels the same.

Next up for Hikage Studio plans? Complete the small fixes and work on the suggestions we received, which will take about a week to complete.

Now, this is the release date! May 31st is our global release date. The game will be released for free via our website.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us for this long, and all the others. Now I should get back to work.