“The darkness will always seek out the light.” - Sawa, Stained with Magic Volume 2


Stained with Magic Volume 2 is steadily working through the concept stage. Adding new characters, sending characters and ideas to the cutting room floor, organising all the potential assets I may need. And so on...


One very important task to do. Is to get to know your characters in-depth. A benefit for writers and non-writers alike. Thus, I’ve been using an extensive character biography template created by friends.
Covering everything from physical descriptions, behavior attributes to sexual desires to example scenes and dialogue. Characters shine and become more fleshy, once I’ve filled out the template. Have a go yourself for your own projects! 

Character Biography Template Download
(File provided in Microsoft word format.)

An important aspect of any visual novel is a well-written character. Never be afraid to reinvent or cut a character. Consider what the character offers to the story, and how the story would progress without them. If they offer nothing substantial, you need to think about a new approach.


Finally, an introduction to a few core features for Volume Two:

- The Whispering Shadow Hunt will reach a conclusion.
- New enemies, the Holy Roman Church Paladin Order.
- Ryota and Sophie gain new allies. Old friends from the past and/or strange individuals with questionable pasts.
- Investigative themes, help Sophie and/or Ryota solve past events, dig into crimes, and catalog evidence.

Expect more reveals as development pushes forward. Character reveals, web-stories, and demos will be coming as they did for volume one.


More will come from future me soon. Be it the Sun or the Moon on a Saturday.