Budding Progress

"You must say to yourself every day, 'I make games because I love it.'" - Alan Emrich

Another week of budding has passed, and more editing has gone by. We are fast approaching the halfway point for Volume's One chapter two. In the spirit of the last week's hard-work, I'm going to focus on the game's development progress.

Well, as stated before,

[ Editing is at roughly 65%.
Character art assets are at 90%.
BG art assets are at 75%.
Music assets are at 95%, (remastering in progress.)
Audio assets are at 90%.
Overall programming is at 50%, (all the systems and game-play devices are ready for use. Heavily dependent on the progress of editing.) ]

We are exceedingly close to finishing, but I'm still keeping the release date as TBA 2015.