Beta Robots!

"Now you'll face the full might of the Mechanist! Come my robots, let's finish this." - The Mechanist, Fallout 4


Despite the busy workings of juggling multiple projects to make ends meet. I'm back again to draw focus back onto Stained with Magic as we come to the very last push.

As announced earlier in the week, the open/close beta will be coming to a close on the 27th of April. If you are still interested to jump into the project, you have a couple of days left.

What will I be doing when the beta ends? Well, thanks for asking. I'll be sorting data and then making a few decisions on how best to use said data collected during the beta. While testing, the project has received some very insightful comments.

But overall, testers loved the story and artwork, receiving such comments as, 'The story is very mature at times'. 'There is a character for everyone to get behind' and 'The bright, yet dark artwork suit the setting'.

Our next update will have a more in-depth analysis of what went down during the testing. Best to wait till the beta has officially ended before going into detail.

The is good to hear, but how long will all this data crunching and game adjustment take you?

Another good question.

I predict the work will take me into early May. But no major work will take place beyond May. So a week or so after the 27th of April.

The above may sound like we are intending to release the game soon. No official date has been set yet. But, a release is very soon.

Stained with Magic will released for free via our website. We want to tell a story, not focus on profit.

Again, done for another update.