The Audio of Awe and ARK

"I'm no criminal, I just do as I please." - Jacob Frye, Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Back again for another fortnightly update and showcase, keeping to our promise (to ourselves) of fortnightly updates and showcases. A few little business-end titbits to cover first.

To begin afresh, all I'm going to say right now is that the beta version of our game may be coming sooner rather than later. We aren't really that big on timetables or numeric dates, but the production is moving along in multiple phases.

Somebody has to make those buttons, after all.

Tha game's website and our social networking page have also received a few newly updated images. They are up right now, when I post this, and are small but new.

Our talented audio engineer is on the case. Custom sounds have been recorded, and now it's a matter of the master mastering master to master them, masterfully, which means I have no idea what he's doing but he knows what he is doing.

So I guess we'll hear what he is doing soon.

Following the theme from the last update, some aural goodies to listen to from the soundtrack. These are first tracks we are putting up online because that seems like a good thing to do.

Click Below:

(Previously, we had a problem with the Soundcloud account, but now everything is up and playing. We do apologize for the mixup.)

While we're posting on the blog, here's another screencap of the game itself.

As of late, in my spare time, I've been playing the early access of ARK: Survival Evolved. As an open-world survival game, with prehistoric creatures and just the right amount of fantasy, the game does a fine job of allowing players to tell their own stories as they fend for themselves or as a tribe.

After spending some time meeting new people while flying the skies on a pteranodon (then eventually being smashed by a spinosaurus after landing), I have to love ARK for the community it has built up. The developer-player relationship has gotten to an impressive level. Thank you, ARK development team. I love the game, even after being swarmed by a pack of compsognathus (if not more so).

This will it for this fortnight, but as a final note, we should all be happy that Deadpool has been rated R. We will be back in the near future.