The anticipated return!

Hikage Studios has returned, well rested and ready to work.

What happened to us? The team took a break from production to cater to personal affairs and, simply enjoying the holidays. But now we're back and ready to produce.

On the topic of production and producing of games. There have been some changes to our release schedule. To insure high quality products are released in a timely manner. The previous stated three volume release plan has been dumped!

Instead? We will be releasing each chapter individuality as a separate product. This means you will be playing the game sooner than expected, and the asking price at purchase for each entry will be significantly lower than expected.

Chapters (six chapters are in the works) will start being released starting next month (FEBURARY). Beginning with the prologue being released as a FREE entry and introduction to the series.

That is all!

(Check out the demo when you can - Download)