Team Dynamics (Part 2) + Demo Updates

"The clash of ideas is not weakness. Truth reaches its place when tussling with error."

- Richard Henry Pratt


As promised, I'm back to speak about team dynamics again. As well as passing on a few updates.

I will start with the updates (for those who don't want to read my team dynamics piece). Development for our playable demo is progressing smoothly, with only one minor delay to date. As proof of our labour, you can view a few screenshots attached to this post. (They will be added to our media page shortly.)


Demo Screen-shot 01 Demo Screen-shot 02Demo Screen-shot 03

Team Dynamics

Now, I'm going to continue my rant about what I have learnt about team dynamics thus far from my experiences.

To begin with, team members will start fights and continue to fight until they have been satisfied until they achieve their goal. Do not try to avoid these situations, they are going to happen. No matter what you do! Arguments are a natural development for team dynamics.

For arguments or debates, one of the best skills you can have is to know when it is time to step down and accept defeat. It's a skill that can be only learnt from experience, but defiantly one of the better skills to have. Not all battles can be won. And trying to win them all, will only cause strife for other team members.

If debates continue, the team leader must find middle ground and make the final decision. A respected leader shouldn't have any trouble with this task. But remember this, bad blood between members may continue to build behind the shadows where the leader cannot see. Time can become a poison, and may be a fatal poison for your team. I'm just saying, be careful what you're saying and to whom your saying it too.

To summarise, debates are healthy for projects and you shouldn't be afraid of them. But, remember to keep your personal feelings about other team members away from project related debates.


Shorter than usual, but my blog post will end here today. Next week I will talk about those wonderful free demos we all play.