Forming A Team For Game Development

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

I wanted to talk about forming game development teams for the first time today. As games are made by a team of people. Unless your insanely awesome person with insane skills in every area (These people are rare, and a treat to be with). The most rewarding experience about working on a game, is working with likeminded people.

You will become friends, argue about a variety of things, teach each other new skills, bounce new ideas off each other and learn about the different personalities in the world.

Once you have an idea and a set plan of the tools, and assets you need for the game. You can start forming a team. Firstly, know the talents you need. This can range from artists, programmers, audio engineers, PR workers to level designers. Once known, you can begin recruiting. There are numerous ways to find people.

Create recruitment threads on specialised forums (E.g. Lemma Soft Forums), email friends who may interested, search through sites such as deviant art for artists or even start chatting around on social networking sites such as Facebook. You never know who you may find.

When talking to a potential member for your team. Be clear and concise about what you want and what you are offering. People don't like to cheated or lied to. Clearly state the workload, if the job is paid or unpaid, and their expected turn-out for each week. This will help with preventing people from quitting part way through the project over such difficulties.

Using Hikage Studios as an example for the above discussed topics. We met when I was first recruiting for the game last year, via a post on Lemma Soft Forums. Where I clearly outlined my intent and what talent I wanted. Honestly, I was surprised with the talent that came to me. This gave me confidence the project will succeed. The idea of forming Hikage Studios came later down the track, when we were discussing plans to release the game. From there, things run their course.

Next week, I will go through the inner workings of a game studio, and what I learnt personally from working with a group. It isn't easy all the time.

Plus, a new character will be announced next week. All I can say is, I hope you're a Tsundere fan.